Mesothelioma Settlement

Mesothelioma Settlement

As mentioned in our previous article about Mesothelioma compensation types, Mesothelioma settlement is one of the most common method of terminating a legal dispute in Mesothelioma cases. It is favourable for both sides – experienced attorney is able to settle best possible terms in your case and defendant´s lawyer is able to finish the case fast and with agreed compensation rather then risk jury verdict with unknown result.

There are many benefits of settling a mesothelioma case instead of waiting for jury verdict:

You will receive agreed amount of compensation

One of the biggest benefit of settlement. You will get guarantee to receive agreed amount of compensation. Trial and jury verdict can be risky, as judge and jury opinion is unpredictable and attributed amount of compensation is very different from case to case and from state to state. You do not need to worry that settled amount of compensation will be too low, as studies shows, that overall compensation amounts for mesothelioma lawsuits rose from 90´s and recently, average compensation is usually in the range $1 – $1.5 million.

Time factor

In case of settlement, you will avoid lengthy trial. Unfortunately, most mesothelioma cases are very time-sensitive and most patients do not have time to wait for lengthy trial process. Fast settlement will allow you to pay your expenses and you can afford much better treatment immediately.

Privacy factor

If you are worrying about privacy, settlement will keep your case, amount, and all other details private. On the contrary, trial process is public and it does not matter if you win or loose it.

Experienced lawyers will gladly offer you free consultation in your case. Hiring mesothelioma lawyer does not mean additional expenses, as they usually work on contingency fee basis. That means they only receive fee if you will receive compensation (as a percentage of your compensation agreed when you hire them).

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